Hello, we at TGC value your safety online and we want to make sure you are kept safe in this server.

Safety policy:

1. Don’t share any personal information with others (where you live specifically, real name, number etc.)

2. Do not ask people personal questions

3. Do not share your password with anyone

4. Do not please do not use sexual phrases towards anyone

5. Do not put anyone down, if you are being bullied please let the founders know immediately

6. Please let us know if you do not feel safe on this server, we are always up for changes

7. Please do not harass members of the server.

8. Do not threaten anyone on the server, that could lead to a criminal offense

9. Please do not share pictures of other members in this server with other people. You will be banned automatically

10. All basic online etiquette applies to this server’s safety policy

11. If you’re having constant issues please dm one of the founders(edited)(Please note: this policy is subject to change so please review occasionally)

Thank You – Management

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