apply for staff

1. Active every day unless you tell Gamearoo or a manager in advance
2. Helps the server grow
3.just to have fun and chat

How to apply?:
1. go to <#709997667907797012>
2. type a-apply
3. fill out application
4. type a-submit
5. wait
Trial period:
For new staff (moderator potations) its 4 or more days based on activity (mod, admin, sradmin) (we use promotions)
Former Staff that made it past trials is 6 hours to go back to ex roles (must have @Former Staff when applying for this to apply)
for non moderator staff roles its 3 hours (must have apply for a role thats not mod, admin, sr admin)
Moderation: Open
Social Media Manager: Open
Manager: Open
App Team: Closed
Dev: Closed
Builder: Open
Plugin/mod specilist: Open
Trailer Crew: Closed

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