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What Is Beta mode
Beta mode is th versions b4 the major stable update for ex. 1.0.1 on beta mode will be the version 2.0 in the stable the .1, .2 .# after the #.# is the beta version number

Beta 3.0.1 will be a completely recoded bot compared to version 3.0

3.1 release date will be in febuary 2020
to report bugs for this bot while its online do r-beta.bug [issue] and it will be sent


  • r.kick [user] [reason] – Kick A User
  • r.ban [user] [reason] – Ban A User
  • r.setup – Get the stuff required for this bot To Function
  • r.mute [user] [reason] – Mute A User
  • r.unmute [user] [reason] – Unmute a user
  • r.addrole [user] [role] – add a role to a user
  • r.remove [user] [role] – Remove A Role From A User
  • r.botinfo – Will Show Bot Information
  • r.serverinfo – Show Server Information
  • r.userinfo [user] – Find User Information
  • r.invite – Invite Me
  • or r.h – What ur in rn it shows a list of commands
  • [user] [reason] – Report A User
  • r.8ball [Question] – Ask The Bot A Question
  • r.warn [user] [reasson] – Warn a user
  • r.unwarn [user] [resson] – UnWarn a user
  • – Check Ping
  • [user] [message] – Dm A User A Message From The Bot
  • !NEW! r.bug [issue] or r.reportbug [issue] – Report a bug

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