1. Keep chat kid friendly

2. No hacking.

3. No Spamming (unless in spam channel)

4. Respect all staff.

5. No bullying.

6. No griefing.

7. Don’t ask for op.

8. Use common sense.

9. Be responsible.

10. Be ethical.

11. if u need help do !helpplz

12.roleplay responably

13.select roleplay roles in #self-assign-roles <– will auto done if u dont

14.make song suggestions to ranomizer in

15.put memes in #meme

16.put gif in #gif-channle

17. apply by doing /apply

18. commands in #commands only unless playing music then do it in #chat

19. Lying to a staff members will get you instantly banned.

20. must be 14 and up to be here

21. Support Must be given time no taging more then 3 times a given issue

22. if ur untrustworthy by any means you wont get support or staff and if u keep trying ull get banned

23. no bad names